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Explore Our Delightful and Exotic Flavor
iGlool Snow Ice is slightly sweet and gives you a feeling of light, powdery snow that quickly melts on your taste buds. It comes with 9 exotic flavor or Mango, Guava, Durian, Milk, Coconut, Strawberry, Green Tea, Chocolate and Organic Soy Milk. It become exciting and amazingly fun after you add toppings of several choices available to your pleasure in indulging this smooth and fluffy dessert at any time of the day.
  How To Enjoy Our Exotic Snow Ice
To maintain its uniqueness fluffy and smooth Snow Ice, the best way to enjoy your snow ice is not stirring or mixing it. It is advisable to scoop a little of the snow ice with a bit of its topping and put it to your mouth to feel the wonderful sensation of the delicious cold delight melting in your mouth thus feeling its exotic flavor spreading around your tongue. Hmm... It's the most indulging treats you'll find anywhere.
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