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Since 2005, iGlool Snow Ice is proud to serve our customer the finest and all natural Snow Ice which are well known in for its smooth and high quality fluffy texture that deliciously melted in your mouth once in contact. iGlool owes its astounding creation of these wonderful products to two founding snow ice enthusiasts Fred and Mart whose passions and enterprising spirit are great assets in leading to the creation of 9 delicious flavours (and still counting) in their pursuit of founding iGlool Snow Ice.   iGlool Snow Ice is uniquely and meticulously blended to perfection by special homemade recipes and carefully selecting top grade ingredient to transform this exotic product into a tongue twisting experience for you without guilt. It is low in calories, 98 percent fat free, low in sugar and starch-free for you to indulge without any worries.   Since its inception, iGlool believe in bringing a "cool little joy" to whoever that comes in touch with our snow ice and has never strayed from this original idea of bringing joy and fun for customers. We are committed to continuously innovate and churning up new flavours with exotic matching toppings to the delight of our customers on their every visits.

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