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When you step into iGlool, and if you aspire to more than just enjoy a taste, if you love to have fun and put a smile on people's
faces, if you are hard working, dedicated, and community-oriented iGlool may be the perfect fit for you. We can help leverage
your passion by helping you become a multi-unit distributor with us

What will iGlool provide?
iGlool has customized, maintained and managed its business to make it easy for business partners to sell iGlool Snow Ice anywhere across the globe. The SmartKiosk is a self contained business structure which is complete with all the necessary tools to run the business. iGlool distributor has a few options to choose from as to how you would like your kiosk to be setup to meet the business requirement. The unique and modern design of our SmartKiosk is painted with iGlool corporate color - OCEAN BLUE and customer are impressed by our concept and elite corporate image.
That sound quite impressive, but what does it means to me?
It means that you can work from home or anyway yet equipped with tools and
system to monitor your business remotely, efficiently and effortlessly.

That is very cool, but how about the kiosk? Do i need to
design and build my own kiosk?

No. You do not have to worry about how to build or setup a kiosk.iGlool
spend lots of efforts with extensive R&D on SmartKiosk to make it easy
and hassle free to distribute iGlool Snow Ice at minimal investment.

SmartKiosk is specially designed and tailored to make it simple and
easy for anyone to set up accordingly to its desired location and size.
SmartKiosk is equipped with operational tool ranging from Shaving Machines, 3 Freezer, OneTouch System, Uniforms, kitchen utensils and even iGlool promotional material.


Items come with SmartKiosk
It means you can work from home or anywhere and yet equipped with tools and system to monitor your business remotely, efficiently and effortlessly.

Shaving Machine 3 feet freezer One Touch System Plastic cups Plastic Spoons
We will share with you more on how to build this dream business.
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  What is iGlool OneTouch system ?
  iGlool OneTouch System is an integrated system comprising of.
Integrated touch
screen menu

Easy for customer placing order at outlets
Point of Sales for
cashier & kitchenette

Keeping track of sales at counter and at kitchenette
Remote camera
monitoring for your kiosk

Accessible from internet
Easy one-click ordering

Re-order stock easily
Automated alert & re-order
when your stock is
running low

Setting of minimum & maximum stock level
Integrated reporting system that is accessible via internet
Easily get real-time report of sales, stocks and expenditures anywhere, anytime for the business owner

IGLOOL Distributor Information Request Form
Please take a moment to fill out the short form below to inquire about opening your own IGlool Distributor.


Q : Is a iGlool distributorship the right opportunity for me?
A : If you love to have fun and put a smile on people's faces, if you are hard working, dedicated, and community-oriented iGlool may be the perfect fit for you. We look for people who take a hands-on approach to managing their business and also stay involved in their local community. Finally, you have to meet our minimum financial requirements in order to qualify for a iGlool distributorship. If this describes you, then give it a try by filling out the Application Form

Q : Can I manage an IGLOOL Kiosk while I'm still working for someone else?
A : We are looking for partners that are following closely the operations, especially in the launching phase. Statistic has proven Owner Operated Kiosk is more profitable! 70% of Licensing Business operated by working Owners failed because they cannot dedicate as much time to the Business as they expect. Management skill is crucial if you intend to maintain your career while running a License Business. Locations with high turnover & high rental require your full time commitment. Reporting/ Feedback of your new business to the Licensor cannot be relying on your immature staff from the beginning.

Inflated Expectations - Many working owners had unrealistic expectations about license ownership. Owning a license business is not a day at the beach! Like any other small business, it requires hard work, dedication before you will realize a profit

Q : Does IGLOOL charge Advertising & Promotion (A&P) Fee?
A : NO A&P Fee charged for IGLOOL setup within Peninsular of Malaysia, but Licensee has to borne for the discount or premium gifts if any promotion is being carry out.

Q : What do I need to know about choosing a location for IGLOOL my business?
A : Once you have identified a location and made booking, you need to submit a Licensee survey report. We will study if your proposed location is suitable. We will guide you through the process of negotiating a lease and any criteria to focus upon getting a suitable business location.
Do some research regarding appropriate demographics, visibility of site, traffic and parking. Rental is always important. Lease negotiations will help you determine the best balance of great location and reasonable lease.

Q : What does the License Fee cover?
A : License Fee is the upfront cost associated with obtaining use of the licensor's mark (its name/logo/mark). It also covers initial training & setup.

Q : How does IGLOOL help on sourcing manpower?
A : We provide attractive Vacancy Ads (Size: Bunting, A3 & A4) for you to place on visible spots. We provide Employment Forms & Interview Guidelines for you to interview and hire your own staff. We will then arrange the training in our designated Training Centre.

Q : How much is the staff Salary?
A : It depends on where your Kiosk is located. Try survey the neighbouring outlets, do not underpay or overpay the staff. Underpaying your staff will de-motivate your staff but overpaying your staff also does not guarantee their loyalty. Motivation is most important considering the long retail business hours; we however shall provide an incentive scheme for your reference during the Training.

Q : Is Foreign Staff allowed to work in iGlool Kiosk?
A : Yes. But for HALAL Certification application, you need at least 1 Local Muslim Staff working in your outlet.

Q : Is there any other requirements from relevant Authority etc.?
A : All Staff (& Licensee if working) at outlet to have compulsory health ministry typhoid jab or pill (at any clinic offering service) before opening of outlet.

Q : How can I evaluate my potential to be a successful Licensee?
A : You may be confident with your own skills, abilities and experience but try ask yourself the following:
(i) How this decision of taking up a License will affect your family. Do they understand the risks and sacrifices required, and will they support your efforts? Beginning a license business is a major decision that does not ensure easy success. However, an informed commitment of time, energy and money by you and your family can lead to an exciting and profitable venture.
(ii) Willingness to comply with the business formulas used by the licensor. You are the investor, you are your own boss but you need to abide to the License Agreement to ensure the proven business formulas are exercised 100%.
(iii) Willingness to comply with tight rules & regulations outlay by landlord especially when your setup is in a shopping mall or complex.
(iv) Fulfill responsibilities as a dedicated & caring employer towards your staff.

Q : What is the cost of opening a iGlool Kiosk operated unit?
A : The Initial Investment for building a Kiosk operated unit in Malaysia is between RM 70,000 to RM130,000. Actual cost will depend and varies a lot on location you choose and these cost include Initial Distributor Fee.

Q : Can IGLOOL setup in a shop lot?
A : Yes. But be mindful that additional cost for flooring, ceiling, wall finishing, air condition, lightings etc. will incurred. Currently, we have existing outlets located in a shop lot with space of 120sq.ft

Q : What is the Return of Investment (ROI) for an outlet with built up area less than 100 sq ft?
A : A healthy outlet shall achieve ROI within 12 - 18 months. We have outlets achieving 9 months for ROI.

Q : What are the highest & lowest sales achieved for an outlet?
A : It can be as low as ZERO if you mismanage your business and do not monitor your staff. It can be as high as few thousands a day.

Q : What is the Average Turnover of your existing outlets? How much is the Snow Ice Cost? What is the Profit Margin?
A : I am sorry Sir! The information you have requested is deem Private and Confidential. Kindly fill up our application form here with your supporting documents and we will get in touch with you very soon.

Q : What are the steps in the iGlool's Licensee application process?

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