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iGlool Snow Ice has grown into one of the most popular healthy dessert brands in the market. Customers just love its high fluffy quality and tantalizing
variety of topping with the snow flake likeness melting fabulously in their mouth.


If it has anything to do with Snow Ice as dessert, it has everything to do with iGlool Snow Ice. From unique snow ice creation to its wonderful toppings - nobody serves up the ultimate indulgence like iGlool. It starts with using the highest quality natural ingredients and end with a generous scoops of topping smothering over exquisite flavored snow ice.


Each store owner, corporate team member or team member, is proud to be part of iGlool, and they are dedicated to uphold the flavors and fun that make the experience unique to iGlool. Nothing touches us more that putting a smile on customer face while enjoying their favorite snow ice with generous amount of topping that is matchless in its unique taste. We feel lucky to be a part of a business that brings joy to so many people. We never take for granted that People trust us to make the treats to their friends or families.

Our Vision
To be our customers first choice for a joyful cup
of Snow Ice.
Our Mission
We aim to provide outstanding quality supported with operational
excellence in delivering a cool little joy to our customers.
Our Gallery
We Bring You Joy & Fun, Not Just A Dessert

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